This is blog in English.

2. touko, 2018

In Finland, we celebrate on first of May calabration called Vappu.

Vappu is traditional finnish celebration. In that day, we drink usually some mead (at least translater says it that way) and we eat doughnuts. Also we eat funnel cakes. 

When I was celebrating Vappu, I was given some of Star Angels things. I think I put some pictures of them into Kuvia part (there are pictures).

16. maalis, 2018

Hi! I haven't write anything for a time. This is because of I have had much of other things to do and visit. I would like to thank everybody who have visited my pages because here is over 1000 visits!

Would you like to have a posting how to do slime? Comment!

28. tammi, 2018

Here is my new Dionea Muscipula. In English maybe Venus fly-trap. I have studied them at home quite much.

Here in Finland is so wet, that I can't ride outside and I don't have place inside where I could ride. So if you have any ideas for texts I would like to know.

6. tammi, 2018

I haven't tell you anything from this horse. She is named "Star Angel". She isn't my own. She's from my friend. She is really good at dressage (did I spell it right) and my horses are friends now with her.

21. joulu, 2017

HI! These pages are changing their name. Name is