If you want to contact, please mail me to keppihevostalli.tahtiseina@gmail.com or in Instagram direct @kht_tahtiseina

28. tammi, 2018

Here is my new Dionea Muscipula. In English maybe Venus fly-trap. I have studied them at home quite much.

Here in Finland is so wet, that I can't ride outside and I don't have place inside where I could ride. So if you have any ideas for texts I would like to know.

6. tammi, 2018

I haven't tell you anything from this horse. She is named "Star Angel". She isn't my own. She's from my friend. She is really good at dressage (did I spell it right) and my horses are friends now with her.

21. joulu, 2017

HI! These pages are changing their name. Name is

15. joulu, 2017

Here is a photo of Tossu. I hope you have a fun Christmas!